Most frequently asked questions:

How far is The Amargosa Opera House and Hotel from....?

Las Vegas....about 92 miles...about two hours.
Pahrump, NV...about 30 miles
Furnace Creek...about 30 miles
Shoshone, CA...about 30 miles
Tecopa Hot Springs...about 40 miles
Baker and the I-15...about 86 miles

The Amargosa Cafe

The Amargosa Cafe is now Open!

Please call (760) 852-4432 for seasonal hours or go to for more information.

Pet Policy- We do allow pets on a case by case basis. You must call and make your reservations to see if a room is available.

Where can we get gasoline?
The nearest gasoline is available in Pahrump, Shoshone, or Furnace Creek in Death Valley National park. All are roughly 30 miles from Death Valley Junction.

Where can I find information about Death Valley National Park?

click here

Where are the Hot Springs?

The Hot Springs in our area are at Tecopa Hot Springs

Click here for Tecopa Hot Springs Resort

For Information and Reservations

Amargosa Opera House and Hotel
HR-C 608
Death Valley Junction, CA 92328


ph (760) 852-4441
fx  (760) 852-4138

or follow the link RESERVATIONS